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Monday, March 24, 2003

TESG's Guide to Big Chain Road Food Consumption located HERE is another website related to fast food consumption. This website unlike many of the other ones that I have found is one that gives reviews on many fast food chains primarily located in the US. TESG writes regular reviews on fast food for KLYF/MIX web site in Des Moines. The website itself is set up in a very user friendly way. It's pretty simple with a lot of hypertext links for the user to navigate with. It also provides the user with a link to a website that allows a person to gather nutritional information on the fast food. This site is limited to mainly reviews on fast food, but it is very useful website to go to on the topic of fast food consumption.

Thursday, March 20, 2003

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This site is a nutrition based site that focuses on health, environment, agriculture and hunger concerns among other things. An article on Fast Food is featured on the site, it comments on the notion of slow food- the opposite of fast food which is beneficial to one's health. The article is about the negative health affects of fast food, the excessive calories, fat, sodium and cholesterol found in fast foods. This website is very helpful if one needs to be deterred from fast food. It gives a comparison chart of fast foods vs. "slow foods" and reasons why fast foods are so harmful to one's health. There are many links on the site that allows the user to find more information on nutrition and on issues dealing with food. This site also provides a bibliography of where they found their sources. Although this site is relatively small and does not focus entirely on Fast Food Consumption in North America, it is a good site to find additional information on the topic.

If you are what you eat, Then Americans eat too much

This article found on the WNBC site is a very informative article on fast food consumption in North America especially in the US. This article is a study on fast food consumption and the negative affects it has on the consumer's health. The study shows that Americans are eating larger portions of high-calorie based meals even when they're cooking for themselves at home. The study also shows a dramatic increase in fast food consumption from 1977 and 1996 which has made quite the impact on the overall health of Americans. Researchers for the article say that an extra ten calories a day for a person who doesn't exercise will add up to an extra pound of weight per year. It's not hard to imagine how easy it is to gain weight and not notice it.

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

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This site focuses mainly on the nutritional value of fast food. It lists all of the main fast food chains out there and provides an ingredients list, menu, website, nutritional counts as well as links for each restaurant they feature.

The site Fast Food Fever found on or Click here for a link up is the latest website I've come across on my topic and it's a good one. Fast Food Fever is a site designed for people who are looking for a little more from fast food. It's premises is to show innovative ways of eating fast food. The staff at this website come up with new ways to eat fast foods, they have come with menu items such as the McNugget Burger, a Fry Dog, and Sprokes (coke combined with sprite). In addition to this Fast Food Fever provides links to more information on fast food and related topics. In their "news" section updated on March 14, 2003 features an article and a link to more articles on the newly named "Freedom Fries" replacing the already established French Fries. For those who are not aware of this renaming of the beloved french fry, it was renamed in order to protest the French opposition to U.S. military action in Iraq. Not only have we got rid of the French in French Fry we've also oust it from toast, which means we will now be eating Freedom Toast instead of French Toast. This site is funny with its innovative menu changes but at the same time it's surprisingly informative. It deals with many political issues that arrise in the industry as well it contains many regular articles written on the subject of fast food. This site is ideal for research in Fast Foods especially if one is looking for political issues or I guess new recipes

Food For Thought

Although this book is not a website it is the most informative source one can find on the topic of fast food. Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser reveals all of the secrets behind the fast food industry; everything from the corrupt beginnings of the McDonald's empire to the way the potatoes are made into french fries. If anyone out there is looking for a way to stop eating fast food read this book. I'm never touching that stuff again. This book can be found on or Click here

Some Quick Facts
McDonald's fries have more saturated fat per ounce than a McDonald's hamburger
Every year about 200,000 fast food teenage workers are injured on the job
It costs 1.5 million to be a Burger King franchisee

All facts were extracted from Fast Food Nation

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

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This site Fast Food Facts found on, is a very informative site on the pros and cons of fast food. It provides a chart that allows the user to figure out the nutritional value of their fast food meal. It provides quick yet very informative facts on fast foods along with a brief history of its origins. This site has won countless awards and is very good for any research that is needed on the topic of fast food.

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

This blog will discuss the positive and negative aspects of the fast food consumption in North America. The positive aspects of fast food is obvious, it's food that is prepared fast. The negative aspects however is often overlooked. I will try to bring about shocking facts and statistics with my extensive research... but mainly my goal will be to disencourage readers of this site to eat fast food ever again, it's actually really gross.